Write an essay on the pen is mightier than the sword

The sword, therefore, implies force, not reason. Conclusion In the world of political war and unrest; we need more pens than swords. This is important for making the government aware of the viewpoint of the masses and influence important policies of the country.

The pen has been able to make the people standup against tyranny and injustice. No force is used to persuade the reader. Both the pen and the sword are very powerful weapons of offence and defense and can make, or mar a person or a country.

Words, on the other hand, the right set of words, can easily bring the deer to the river and seamlessly quench their thirst. Writing can unite people to stand against social or national evil. Writing is regarded with respect and writers are always considered as the strong pillars of society as they have the power to change the world through the magic of their writing.

And ink becomes the medium. The stories learned during our childhood have taught us a lot.

Pen Is Mightier Than a Sword: A Short Essay On Power Of Writing

McDonalds Im lovin it. We can never pay back for the tales and stories told to us in our childhood by our grandparents, parents, teachers, etc for those stories taught us lesson which we preserve for our lifetime.

One can easily ask how the pen can bring physical harm to anyone.

The Pen Is Mightier Than Sword - Essay

Pen is constructive, while sword is destructive. More over, if the values of the words go in sync with your clients, rest assured that they would return for more. In die competitive environment of today all over the world, people or die government seldom opt for war.

There are so many things like these that people want. All thoughtful men, therefore, prefer the pen to the sword. It denotes that the pen is more powerful than the sword; irrespective of the fact that the sword has a sharp edge and the power to kill and win wars.

A writer who records his noble thoughts is a teacher of humanity. The first known version of this popular phrase was coined in the early 7th century BC by Assyrian sage, Ahiqar. Pen is the weapon of writers, which they can use to create history.

Such mighty, the pen is! Get Access Pen is mightier than sword Essay Sample In Singapore where the world of sales and marketing is presented with the option of words or swords, the competitive nature of firms and businesses would preside over the latter to meet their quota.

The pen has a stronger influence than the sword. Prosperity comes when there is improvement in all walks of life. But we have not yet reached the stage when all swords may be beaten into ploughshares.‘The pen is mightier than the sword’ is a metonymic phrase meaning communication, thoughts and writing have more influence on people or events than violence, warfare and destruction does, the pen being communication, thoughts and writing and the sword being warfare, violence and destruction.

The Pen Is Mightier Than Sword - Essay

Of course, Pen is mightier than a sword in all respects. In fact, the power of a pen is enormous in comparison to a sword.

Moreover, a pen can have a huge and far-reaching impact. While a sword has a short reach. That is why a sharp edge sword can’t achieve what a pen can. In fact, it is the minute tip of the pen that does all these wonders.

The Pen is Mightier than the Sword Essay

Words Essay on Pen is Mightier than the Sword Article shared by This specialty of the proverb, ‘ Pen is mightier than sword,’ giving more importance to pen, has not come from a writer, but a person who always wields a sword!

The Pen is Mightier Than the Sword. You have probably got a pen in your drawer at home, at work, your car, and maybe in your shirt pocket. The humble pen looks harmless enough, but you may not know the dark secret it keeps from us. The pen through which we write words is surely mightier than the sword.

Essay: The Pen is Mightier Than Sword

The pen looks like a small ordinary thing/5(5). There is a famous saying that the role of pen is mightier than that of the sword. But unfortunately there are people who believe that the use of force is necessary. The pen expresses a personnel or public opinion.

It stands for the press, literature, news-papers, books, and other writings. The pen through which we write words is surely mightier than the sword. The pen looks like a small ordinary thing.

It is also not very costly and it does not have much weight too. Apparently, its structure is also not impressive in its built, but it has great strength and power. The holder of pen is always knowledgeable and learned man.

Essay on The Pen is Mightier than the Sword

He succeeds everywhere and his orders are obeyed/5(5).

Write an essay on the pen is mightier than the sword
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