Salt and sand lab report

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Molten salt reactor

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If the experiment is separating salt and sand, what's a good hypothesis?

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Salt and Sand Lab Report Paper

1. Separating a sand and salt mixture Topic Separation techniques. Timing 45 min. Description In this experiment students use simple processes to separate sand and salt. Oct 05,  · The task was to separate a fairly uniform mixture of salt and sand.

To do this, I added water to the mixture, which dissolved the salt. Then I filtered a small sample of the still-settling mixture. Report abuse.

Transcript of SEPARATION OF A MIXTURE OF SAND AND SALT. Separation of a Mixture of Sand & Salt By: Mallory Milroy Procedure 5.) Stir in the 5g of combined sand/salt mixture to the mL of distilled water.

In this experiment I separated the components of a mixture of sand and salt to determine what. May 12,  · Assuming the salt is dissolved in water, first use a sieve to chop up the sand out of your water.

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Regional activities include: permits, remediation, air quality, water quality, stormwater and compliance, monitoring and enforcement.

Salt and sand lab report
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