Learning in a mechanistic organization

Classical theories emphasis the need for bureaucracy within organizations resulting the lack of space towards creativity and innovativeness. Models A model is a description of a system designed to help an observer to understand how it works and to predict its behavior.

Lyndall Urwick, They believe that management is a process of planning, organisation, commanding, coordination and control. In my view mechanistic organisation does not encourage learning and learning can only be effective when individuals and group in organisation are encouraged and empowered to thing and take informed decisions as required in their day to day work.

History In the early twentieth century, the Industrial Age was well under way and mass production had taken hold. Thus, the mechanistic structure is less effective for organizations that operate in challenging environments. An organic organization is a fluid and flexible network of multi-talented individuals who perform a variety of tasks, as per the definition of D.

Train the worker to do the work effectively, 5. When the environment is stable, there is no need for complex decision-making that involves people at lower levels.

Therefore, resistance to change is high and innovation is not so much encouraged in organizations having a mechanistic type of organization hierarchy. Complex or international firms may need the divisional structure, which is the most mechanistic after the functional structure.

Low integration of e. These characteristics do indeed produce efficiency and productivity. A specialized job position is created by assigning one or more specific tasks which requires rigidly defined set of skills, methodology and procedure to perform jobs.

The advantages of mechanistic organisation will include the fact that It designs task to be performed on a straightforward bases, very effective in stable environment, encourages mass production that is producing exactly the same product repeatedlyand allows for precision of work.

Disadvantages As the mechanistic structure gained widespread and prolonged use, researchers and organizational designers found that the very mechanization that allows for productivity, economy and efficiency also causes problems.

Interdepartmental cooperation and communication suffer in mechanistic structures. Burns and Stalker theorized that companies facing a changing environment may have to use an organic organizational structure in order to quickly adapt to changes.

Learning in a Mechanistic Organization Essay

Mechanistic structure aims to achieve efficiency thorough tight control. A chemical engineer, for example, can create a mechanistic model of a process based on her understanding of system components such as distilling columns, reactor chambers and particle filters.

You can also create a mathematical, mechanistic model that uses the laws of physics to predict tides.A mechanistic organization is a company with a highly organized, rigid and bureaucratic structure. It is epitomized by formal procedures, constant business activities and slow response to change.

mechanistic organization

Centralized authority in management is another key trait. A mechanistic structure, also known as a bureaucratic structure, describes an organizational structure that is based on a formal, centralized network.

mechanistic organization

The mechanistic structure is best suited for. The results of the study indicate that organic organization structure has been found to have no direct effect on job embeddedness and individual adaptive performance.

In addition to this, mechanistic organization structure affects job embeddedness positively, while it has no direct effect on individual adaptive performance.

A term created by Tom Burns and G.M. Stalker in the late s, organic organizations, unlike mechanistic organizations (also coined by Burns and Stalker), are flexible and value external knowledge. The theories of Burns and Stalker impacted the field of organization theory, with their study of management and structure of Scottish electronics firms.

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Essay Learning in a Mechanistic Organization Words | 5 Pages. MECHANISTIC ORGANIZATIONS Metaphors create a method of thinking, it compares items of deferent characteristic showing similarities but not differences, recently shadow chancellor George Osborne criticising Gordon Brown, he said ’Gordon is a man with an overdraft, not a plan’ (Metro, October 28, ).

Therefore, the mechanistic structure provides fewer opportunities for learning. However, the flexibility in the structure is a key to promote learning. Learning and innovation is highly required when dealing with changing and dynamic environments.

Learning in a mechanistic organization
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