Essay on western wear versus indian wear

I mean we see a woman in short skirtshortstank topsspaghetti dress OR sometimes even sleeveless dress and decide we DONOT approve and make nasty comments!! Another important factor is the gross quantity of material to be produced.

Abrasive wear is a dominant failure mechanism of engineering components. Helton, Peoria; Preston L. When talking of family life, there is a great bond between family members in the Indian culture which cannot be seen in western culture.

Sarees are woven in silk, cotton and artificial fibres. This accelerates the fashion industry and enables it to prepare to compete with the best in the world. When its about clothing, people like to wear what the desire, there is no restriction on wearing anything. White cast iron and glass are good examples of brittle material.

The friction behaviour of gray cast iron is sensitive to humidity. Though western people may become friends very soon, it cannot be taken as a commitment.

There are two main categories of constituent materials: The fashion industry in India keeps on changing. In dressing, Indians dress in a very modest way and do not go for revealing dresses. We often make snap judgements about people on the basis of their clothes.

What are the reasons for it? American actor and singer Dean Reedan expatriate who lived in East Germanyalso starred in several Ostern films. During these periods, power dressing and corporate look were the style statement. In hindi serials and films you see a women with loose morals dressing in western attire or the heroine who has a bad attitude.

The foundation of the Indian cinema also proved to be the strongest influence on revolutionising the fashion scene in those days.

Corrosive wear begins at the surface and gradually penetrates into the matrix. This description can be used to describe any number of Westerns, but also other films such as Die Hard. In our country an extensive variety of clothing exists for reason geographical, historical, cultural and economic.

It is observed that the major tool wear forms were the combination of flank wear and rounding of the nose. About Indian Culture Indian Culture is the ancient and one of the most popular cultures in the world.

These properties are described in terms of the types of force or stress that the metal must withstand and how these are resisted. The matrix material surrounds and supports the reinforcement materials by maintaining their relative positions.

I mean say why you think what you think!! The two phases that make up a composite are known as reinforcing phase and matrix phase.

Difference Between Indian Culture and Western Culture

There is a lot to learn from both the cultures. Their dresses included costumes from head to toe and matching ornaments.The people of this culture wear many different colors and prints they all love to stand out and look beautiful. Indian Culture Essay Culture of India India's Though we can see a fusion of Indian and western clothing styles in contemporary is known for its silk and khadi sari worn by females and dhoti and.

Women and clothes- traditional vs western

Jul 01,  · In hindi serials and films you see a women with loose morals dressing in western attire or the heroine who has a bad attitude. If i'm going to the Mandir or something, i'm not going to wear jeans and a tank top, I'd wear indian clothes.

However, if someone crosses the limit, like wearing really skimpy and revealing clothes, than yah, it's. For one thing, the makeup of the women in the photos is more gaudy than what most adult women wear during the day.

And not explored in the study is the world of contouring makeup, which usually. Indian Culture vs Western Culture. Cultures differ from one country to another and from one region to another. No culture can be the same.

1032 Words Essay on Fashion Boom in India

This is also true with reference to Indian and western culture. The Indian and western cultures differ in many aspects, such as, family relations, marital life, food, clothing, social life, and religious life.

The following are the major differences between Indian Culture and Western Culture The culture which is prevalent in India is known as Indian Culture. The culture, widespread in the western countries is known as Western Culture.

Words Essay on Fashion Boom in India. Most of the clothes were ready to wear as soon as they left the loom. The traditional Indian dhoti, the scarf or uttariya, and the popular turban are still visible and continue to be part of Indian fashion.

The present-day youth are in the haute culture of wearing mix of western and Indian.

Essay on western wear versus indian wear
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