Cultural vandalism

Early Christians destroyed secular statues and inscriptions. Some vandalism may qualify as culture jamming or sniggling: It was previously done with a red hot branding iron on the foreheads of supposed heretics.

Others are certain that technology will impact art, but in incredibly positive ways, such as increasing its accessibility. Acquisitive vandalism looting and petty theft.

Let blessed water be made and sprinkled in these shrines, let altars be constructed and relics placed there: Today hundreds of local gods, relabelled as "saints" but recognized only at the location of their own particular "holy well".

Digging or destruction of buried archaeological remains without the proper permitting from the Division of Historical Resources is a 3rd degree felony. For Iraq it is also a major potential source of tourism which could play a big part in the eventual reconstruction of the economy.

The temple precinct, or Serapeum, also housed a scientific research institute a "Museum" named after the nine Muses and the famous Library of Alexandria - two of the greatest academic buildings in human history.


They are often commemorated by annual well-dressing. Clark believed that art could boost morale and tell the story of the Britain they were trying to preserve.

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Bronze work was broken up and melted down so that it could be transported more easily; marble work was simply vandalised.

For example a statue of Isis in Rome now leads a second life as the liberally bosomed "Madama Lucrezia". The task of reconstruction cannot happen too quickly. The Basilica of St. InChristian censorship, pillaging, dispossession and judicial killing started in earnest.

Some state parks will only allow detecting for personal items that are specified as lost in a particular area. Vindictive vandalism for revenge.

Shutterstock Thus, technology has advanced the possibilities in various artistic mediums, while simultaneously shadowed or stifled other areas. The original building here was a temple dedicated to Apollo.

The ISIS propaganda videos demonstrate the violence and conviction of an ideology that views any opposition as blasphemous, be it political persuasion, religion — or historical viewpoint.

Countless thousands of architectural treasures from classical times were soon being vandalised in the same way and turned into Churches. Another example of how technology offers minimal benefits is in performance.

Below are a few examples of statues vandalised by Christians. The division between the cella and the opisthodomos was destroyed, and the remaining walls of the cella were cut into a series of arches along the nave.

Spoken word poets, for example, might not benefit from technology the same way that a graphic designer would. A shipwreck site found under a beach and newly exposed is a different matter altogether.

In Western Christendom, such practices were encouraged by Pope Gregory I, who reigned between and Bands of violent monks were deployed to ensure the domination of the orthodox line. Examples include at least some graffiti art, billboard "liberation", and possibly crop circles.

The destruction of the Serapeum by Patriarch Theophilus was a critical event in the history of persecution of ancient paganism.Jun 01,  · More recent cultural vandalism includes the blasting of the 1, year old Buddhas of Bamiyan in central Afghanistan by the Taliban; the al-Qaeda bombing of Iraq’s 1, year old al-Askari Mosque; the desecration of Tombs and holy shrines in Timbuktu by Ansar Dine; and the continued destruction of various historical and holy sites by ISIL.

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In “The Cultural Vandalism of Jeffrey Tambor,” Matt Zoller Seitz claims that finding out that entertainers are bad people retroactively ruins not only their own work but others influenced by it. Art apps, social media, iPad paintings, Photoshop, and 3D Printing are just a few examples of ways that technology is influencing art and culture.

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