Chapter 6 telecommunications

47 U.S. Code § 153 - Definitions

June 19,ch. Requests for Technical Data Packages. The total amount of the sales price includes any services that are a part of the sale; all receipts, cash, credits and property of any kind; except as otherwise provided in subparagraph B v or B vi of this subdivision, any amount for which credit is allowed by the retailer to the purchaser; and all compensation and all employment-related expenses, whether or not separately stated, paid to or on behalf of employees of a retailer of any service described in subdivision 2 of this subsection.

Except as otherwise provided in this division, if Chapter 6 telecommunications violation of division ABor C of this section causes physical harm to any person, the violation is a felony of the third degree. By the last day of March, the last day of June, the last day of September, Chapter 6 telecommunications the last day of December in each year, each sheriff who collects or whose designee collects any fees under this division in the preceding three-month period shall send to the attorney general the fees collected during that period.

The services listed in divisions Y 2 a to k of this section are not automatic data processing or computer services. I "Receipts" means the total amount of the prices of the sales of vendors, provided that the dollar value of gift cards distributed pursuant to an awards, loyalty, or promotional program, and cash discounts allowed and taken on sales at the time they are consummated are not included, minus any amount deducted as a bad debt pursuant to section DoC, as required by current Federal statutes or regulations.

In the case of corporations with stock, one corporation owns or controls another if it owns more than fifty per cent of the other corporation's common stock with voting rights. Many disclosures of classified information occur as a result of visual demonstrations or verbal exchanges during meetings or visits.

The registry of arson offenders and out-of-state arson offenders maintained by the bureau is not a public record under section If the certificate is Chapter 6 telecommunications after the time of the original sale but no later than one hundred twenty days Chapter 6 telecommunications, the original retailer shall refund to the original purchaser the tax collected on the original sale and, if the original retailer has previously remitted the tax to the commissioner, the original retailer may either treat the amount so refunded as a credit against the tax due on the return next filed under this chapter, or claim a refund under section C A retailer not otherwise a retailer engaged in business in the state who purchases fulfillment services carried on in this state by a person other than an affiliated person, or who owns tangible personal property located on the premises of an unaffiliated person performing fulfillment services for such retailer shall not be deemed to be engaged in business in the state.

A telecommunications carrier shall be treated as a common carrier under this chapter only to the extent that it is engaged in providing telecommunications services, except that the Commission shall determine whether the provision of fixed and mobile satellite service shall be treated as common carriage.

D The person providing the notice under division B of this section shall provide a copy of the notice and signed form to the arson offender.

AAA "Computer" means an electronic device that accepts information in digital or similar form and manipulates it for a result based on a sequence of instructions.

47 U.S. Code § 153 - Definitions

The specific terms of the assignment, including security responsibility, should be set forth in the supporting contract. Many disclosures of classified information occur as a result of visual demonstrations or verbal exchanges during meetings or visits. F "Post-release control sanction" and "supervised release" have the same meanings as in section B Whoever violates this section is guilty of railroad grade crossing device vandalism.

Some are self-executing by the contractor who is to use them and normally are based on prior authorizations. DoS policies and procedures for the permanent export of items on the U.

The notice shall include notice of the arson offender's duties to reregister annually. The person providing the notice also shall determine the county in which the arson offender intends to reside and shall provide a copy of the signed form to the sheriff of that county in accordance with rules adopted by the attorney general pursuant to Chapter Contracts with Foreign Firms.

D 1 "Consumer" means the person for whom the service is provided, to whom the transfer effected or license given by a sale is or is to be made or given, to whom the service described in division B 3 f or i of this section is charged, or to whom the admission is granted.

A detailed description and standardized format are available in Chapter 7. The fees shall be used for the maintenance of the registry of arson offenders and out-of-state arson offenders.

D 1 Each arson offender or out-of-state arson offender shall reregister annually, in person, with the sheriff of the county in which the offender resides or that sheriff's designee within ten days of the anniversary of the calendar date on which the offender initially registered.

The LOA must contain the requirement for, and describe the specific responsibilities for preparing, the Transportation Plan.

F Any bow and arrow, air gun, spring-operated gun, or firearm that has been used in a felony violation of this section shall be seized or forfeited, and shall be disposed of pursuant to Chapter Beginning with the first day of the month following that notification, the transactions described in division B 11 a of this section are not sales for the purposes of this chapter or Chapter Veterinarians who are engaged in transferring to others for a consideration drugs, the dispensing of which does not require an order of a licensed veterinarian or physician under federal law, are vendors.

F Whoever violates division D of this section is guilty of criminal trespass on the land or premises of a railroad company, a misdemeanor of the fourth degree. The purchaser is responsible for obtaining overseas customs clearances and for all actions and costs associated with customs clearances for deliveries of FMS materiel using DTS, including any intermediate stops or transfer points.

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The bureau shall make the registry available to the fire marshal's office, to state and local law enforcement officers, and to any firefighter who is authorized by the chief of the agency the firefighter serves to review the record through the Ohio law enforcement gateway or its successor.

The Canadian ground station was at Charleston, Nova Scotia. Except as otherwise provided in this division, if the violation of division ABor C of this section causes serious physical harm to property or creates a substantial risk of physical harm to any person, the violation is a felony of the fourth degree.

If individual part marking is not possible, TDP cover information provides the restrictions. Temporary Import of Unclassified Defense Articles. C The attorney general shall prescribe the notice and the form provided under division B of this section.CenturyLink Tech Pub Table of Contents Issue O, July Chapter and Section - continued Page Drawings and Assignment Records .

Discretionary Reporting – Charging Fees to Providers for Medicare Education and Training. Chapter 3, Technology Transfer and Disclosure, discusses technology security and transfer requirements, export controls, disclosure of classified and controlled unclassified information, and system-specific release requirements for sensitive technologies frequently requested by foreign partners.

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Chapter 6: APP 6 — Use or disclosure of personal information

ETSI - A European Standards Organization developing World Class Standards in Europe for global use. The term “affiliate” means a person that (directly or indirectly) owns or controls, is owned or controlled by, or is under common ownership or control with, another person.

For purposes of this paragraph, the term “own” means to own an equity interest (or the equivalent thereof) of more than 10 percent.

Chapter 6 telecommunications
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