An analysis of the christians believe that jesus is both god and man

He can sympathize and be a faithful high priest and know what we are going through not just because he was once on earth as a man, but because he continues forever as that same man.

As we saw earlier, the fact that Christ is two natures means that there are things that are true of his human nature that are not true of his divine nature. The multitudes bore witness of Him John Thus, in the Eastern Orthodox tradition sin is not viewed primarily as a guilty stain on the soul that needs to be wiped out, but rather as a pervading sickness or a failure to achieve the goal of the truly human life, fulfilling one's Divine design and function as the created image of God.

How can Jesus and Jehovah both be the supreme Judge?

Eastern Orthodox theology

Until then, may the joyful hope of this day inspire in us a great diligence in serving and worshiping him. If you say "yes," you've aligned yourself with their heresy. What do you actually mean by it?

He experienced it firsthand. But for some reason it escapes a lot of us that Jesus will also be man forever. In this way God is said to have suffered and died in the flesh of Jesus, although the divine nature is itself impassible and immortal.

Christians believe that because he rose from the tomb on the third day, that he lives and has a glorious spiritual body today which can be felt with a touch. To all the questions regarding the allowance of evil by God the problem of evil there is one answer - Christ; the Crucified Christ, Who burns up in Himself all the world's sufferings for ever; Christ, Who regenerates our nature and has opened the entry to the Kingdom of everlasting and full life to each one who desires it.

Jesus does not just look like a man. Orthodoxy, therefore, was not early but late. The relevance of these truths to us should go without saying.

But who do you say that I am? This is the Aramaic variant the language spoken at the time of Jesus of the Hebrew Pesach, meaning "Passover".

Since the fall of man Genesis 3: A traditional practice of Eastern Orthodoxy is, as in other apostolic churches, to have a spiritual mentor and guide to whom one confesses and who treats the sin on an individual basis.

Because he is man, he can come to our aid as our sympathetic High Priest when we reach the limits of our human weaknesses.

Then ask them to read John 1: For if we have a grasp of what we are not to believe, it will give us a fuller picture of what we are to believe. As a human who shares in our human weaknesses, he knows what it is like to be human and tempted and is therefore able to represent us in the presence of the Father where he pleads to Him for us Hebrews 5 and 7.

The true nature and identity of Jesus Christ has eternal significance. There is only one Christ. Paul writes the same things in Colossians 1: He got hungry and was tempted like we are Luke 4: They are separate yet act as a unit in the one person of Jesus. Jesus is the Creator of all things.

To do so, he did not, as one might suppose, send them one of his servants or an angel or a ruler…but he sent the craftsman and maker of all things himself, by whom he created the heavens, by whom he encloses the sea within its own boundaries, whose mysteries all the elements of creation guard faithfully, from whom the sun was appointed to guard the courses that it runs during the day, whom the moon obeys when he commands it to shine at night, whom the stars obey by following the course of the moon, by whom all things are set in order and arranged and put into subjection, the heavens and the things in the heavens, the earth and the things in the earth, the sea and all the things in the sea, fire, air, the abyss, creatures in the heights, creatures in the depths, and creatures in between—this is the one he sent to them.

Unlike Adam, the new man born in Jesus obeys God and ushers in a world of morality and salvation. The consensus of the Church over time defines its catholicity —that which is believed at all times by the entire Church.

Conclusion We have seen the biblical evidence for the fact that Christ is God the Son, that he has both a divine and human nature, that each nature is full and complete, that each nature remains distinct, that Christ is nonetheless one Person, and that things which are true of one nature are true of the Person.

Feel free to ask some follow up questions! First, in this passage the word theos is a predicate nominative, and according to Koine Greek grammar rules, predicate nominatives do not take the definite article. Second, even if we acknowledge that the natures do not mix together into a third kind of nature, it would also be wrong to think that the two natures changed one another.

In other words, Jesus has two distinct natures:These are big issues that Christians have wrestled with throughout the centuries. the alienation that our sin brings between us and God, Jesus can fix because he is both man and God, he is able to reconcile us.

I hope this has helped you in your thinking about Jesus. Feel free to ask some follow up questions! Similar questions. Is my. Do Christians (Roman Catholics) believe that Jesus is God? Update Cancel. Answer Wiki.

How Can Jesus Be God and Man?

14 Answers. Abigail Have a look at what happened and what is the relevance of role of Jesus Christ. God created man. Satan tempted man to act against God. % divine and % mortal, ineffably both without creating something new. We believe in one.

Belief in Jesus as the Son of God has transformed me and many of my family into people living for God. You don’t know me from before I was dfaduke.comer, so I am just another anecdotal sidebar. But, I did not seek Him or some sort of diety to follow.

Jesus Christ is not God

"We believe in one Lord, Jesus Christ, the only-begotten Son of God, God from God, light from light, true God from true God, begotten, not made, one in being with the Father.

Through him all things were made" (Creed of Nicaea [A.D. ]). Having seen the biblical basis that Jesus is both God and man, the second truth that we must recognize is that each of Christ’s natures is full and complete.

In other words, Jesus is fully God and fully man. It is fundamental for Orthodox Christians that they accept Christ as both God and Man, both natures complete. This is viewed as the only way of escaping the hell of separation from God. The incarnation unites humanity to divinity.

An analysis of the christians believe that jesus is both god and man
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